Application Terms and Conditions

  • I have nominated BMYG Wealth as a representative in respect of my account and authorise them to complete and submit an electronic application for MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals on my behalf. I understand and accept the terms of that authorisation, and my responsibilities in respect of that authorisation, as set out in this form.

  • I understand that this application will form the basis of the contract, between myself and BMYG Wealth.

  • I have not sought any financial advice from BMYG Wealth and I discharge BMYG Wealth and its license holder, Carnbrea & Co. Limited (AFSL 233763), from all responsibility.

  • I have received and read the current MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals product disclosure Statement (PDS), which can be found at or by clicking here .

  • I instruct the Trustee to allocate 100% of my initial and future contributions and rollover to the MLC Horizon 4 – Balanced Portfolio option. In giving this instruction I have considered the information disclosed in the PDS found at determined that the investment option is appropriate for me. I have not sought financial advice and submit this as an execution only request. I understand that I am free to alter this investment choice at any time by contacting MLC or contacting BMYG Wealth.

  • I understand that BMYG Wealth may deduct a fee of $350 upfront from my new MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals account. Please note this is not a Personal Advice fee.

  • I am eligible to contribute to the Fund or have contributions made on my behalf.

  • I understand that my investment does not represent a deposit with, or liability of the Trustee, MLC, or other member companies of MLC. I also understand that an investment in MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals is subject to investment risk including possible delays in repayment and loss of income and capital invested.

  • I understand that this application will form the basis of the contract, between myself and the Trustee.

  • I understand that this offer is made in Australia and my account will be regulated in accordance with Australian laws.

  • Attorneys must attach a certified copy of the Power of Attorney. The Attorney hereby certifies that he/she has not received notice of any limitation or revocation of his/her Power of Attorney and is also authorised to sign this form

  • I understand my TFN is confidential, and BMYG Wealth is authorised to collect and disclose my TFN under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 and Privacy Act 1988.

  • I consent to my Tax File Number (TFN) being disclosed for the purposes of consolidating my account.

  • I declare I have fully read this form and the information completed is true and correct.

  • I apply to become a member of MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals.

  • I am aware I may ask my superannuation provider for information about any fees or charges that may apply, or any other information about the effect this transfer will have on my insurance cover or other benefits. I have obtained or do not require such information.I discharge the superannuation provider of my *FROM* fund of all further liability in respect of the benefits paid and transferred to my *TO* fund.

  • I request and consent to the transfer of my superannuation as described above and authorise the superannuation provider of each fund to give effect to this transfer.

  • I authorise the transfer of my benefits from my previous superannuation fund(s) to my MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals account.

  • I understand my benefit entitlements in my previous superannuation fund(s) and the effect of a transfer (including any fees or taxes payable) on those benefit entitlements.In particular, if I have insurance cover with my previous superannuation fund(s), I understand that the transfer of my benefit may cause cancellation of that insurance cover.

  • I understand that in certain circumstances MLC may deduct tax from any untaxed portion of a superannuation lump sum or directed termination payment rolled over to my MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals account.

  • I understand that an Exit Fee will apply to withdrawals/rollovers.

  • I understand the risks of my investment choices, and that different member fees and features apply depending on the choice of my investment level.

  • I have read the Privacy information in the PDS and agree to the various uses and exchanges of my personal information and acknowledge my right to access personal information held about me by MLC.

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